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VIVIDLOPE, the head-spinning, mind-bending arcade game with a puzzle touch! Master the imaginative realm, where the gravity doesn't quite work as you're used to, overcome your foes and keep on painting!

Your goal is to recolor the required number of tiles to the target shade. Watch out for the enemies coming at you from multiple directions as you navigate the twists and turns of geometric 3D stages, from all sides. See that wall? You can climb it.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
Tags3D, Abstract, Arcade, Cute, Experimental, Female Protagonist, Low-poly, Perspective, Rotation


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I would like to apologise for my previous comment. I meant it in all good faith and curiosity but reading it back it sounds more to me like it might come across less so and more entitled.

I have since googled this question on my own (why cool game only on steam :c) and have learned that there are a number of financial and labour related reasons why it is less difficult and more rewarding to only release games on steam rather than on steam and itch and gog and wherever else. I feel saddened by this but ah well.

Having said all that, I have now played this demo. It is gorgeous and wonderful and deeply unique. I would very gladly buy the full version if it ever were available off steam, but otherwise thank you for such a fantastic game.


Please release the full game on itch.


This game looks amazing! Why is the full version only on steam?

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¿will this game be playable on linux?




the art style is phenomenal


Amazing. Playing the game made me realise how cool the concept is.
Excited for more with this. Especially saves XD.

Technique explanation would be nice too.


This is SUPER NEAT. It gives me a lot of PS1-era vibes being a puzzle-platformer of sorts with a touch of Q-Bert like "paint the ground to clear the level" mechanics. I like that you don't have to paint all of the ground the correct color to win either, just a percentage of it. The level designs are also quite unusual thus far so a lot of levels don't feel like one another in the demo, and the item and enemy variety so far is decent too.

I'd totally love to see more for this game in the future. What's in the current demo is already promising.

Just one thing I ran into while trying to play the game: I got a Red Bomb powerup of some kind on the sixth stage, which I'm guessing was meant to destroy all enemies on screen on use, but when I used it, the game crashed.

the crash is a known issue, still, thanks for playing and reporting!


It's really nice and fun!!!


I tried using a bomb and the game crashed. Pretty fun though.


nice to see you back!

your work is a big inspiration


Looks cool. I will try it out.